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Leo & Janice Callaert
President's Team

I worked as managing director in an Internet company and my wife worked in the same company as an administrative assistant. When that company was in financial difficulties, we were both fired. At that moment we came into contact with the Work @ home business system. After five years of hard work our income is on average 35,000 per month! Today we do business at home and we are truly Free. What inspires us the most is that thanks to this opportunity we have the ability to positively affect other people's lives.
Michael Taeymans & Barbara De Smedt
Millionaire Team

Barbara was a temporary employee in the office and Michael worked for a Bank.
At the age of 26 they were already well established in the rat race. With a 3 year old son and a mortgage quickly showed that there is not much there would be lifestyle. Too little revenue and too little time to do things they would like to do. Barbara went looking for a sideline as an advertisement and is in contact with Herbalife. Although she quickly had a fantastic result with the products, Barbara and Michael lost 8 kg 17 kg at 3 months time, and Barbara in no time had built a nice customer base Michael remained skeptical. Thanks to their sponsors, but they decided to go to the Extravaganza in Cologne, and they both saw the big picture! They are working hard together and begin 19 months later, she qualified for the GET Team. In 2007, she was a daughter and then it became really clear what a quality of life they had built with Herbalife. In November 2010 she qualified for the prestigious Millionaire Team and have built an incredible freedom!

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Stefania & Dennis Sterrenburg
Active World Team

Almost 8 years ago did I (Dennis) start with Herbalife, because I had to lose weight., I lost 22 kg and 22 cm of my waist. As consequence of that result I automatically was asked questions of what was my secret. After that I started with the business side of Herbalife. With Herbalife I worked part-time next to my fulltime ICT job. I created a customer base and an organization. This way I generated an EXTRA income between 500 - 2500 a month.

Due to personal circumstances I was forced to stop my business after 5,5 years. I lost most of my customers and organization. In February 2011 I started all over again with our (I met Stefania through Herbalife) company. Its going very fast now. In June we became Active World Team. We are working more with our organization and our customer base. This resulted in an extra income of 1500 a month.

And this is only the beginning! Freedom is on its way J