Are you living your life to the fullest?
"If you want things to change, you have to change"
- Jim Rohn
"Your success where you go in life is only limited by...

...your own imagination and your own hard work"
- Mark Hughes
We are working for more than 7 years with Herbalife International which means that we are part of the biggest lifestyle and wellness company in the world. Herbalife stands for a balanced and active lifestyle.

Thanks to a brilliantly developed marketing plan, we can offer the possibility
for ordinary people to create extraordinary incomes.
YOU can make a success out of this opportunity.

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Herbalife Decade door
'Micheal O. Johnson'
Herbalife 'Micheal O. Johnson'
on 'Mad Money' augustus 2011
Herbalife 'Bea Bos'
bij Harry Mens 'Business Class' april 2010
Top International Products

Herbalife in Sports

Herbalife sponsors various disciplines like football and triathlon.
(also see: www.herbalifesports.com).
Herbalife stands for a perfectly balanced diet that enhances the performance of athletes, it accelerates repair after injuries of athletes; it accelerates repair after injuries. Herbalife is now nutritional sponsor of FC Barcelona, S.B.V. Excelsior, Valencia C.F., F.C. Schalke and LA Galaxy.

On the 1st of July 2011 Herbalife became the food supplier of FC Ajax.
Easy weight loss, vital life

People who lose weight using Herbalife products off easily, are more energetic, feel younger and look younger too. With core nutrition Herbalife to everyone we can a customized program for weight control, healthier food and grooming.

Wanneer je alleen geïnteresseerd bent in de voeding neem dan contact met ons op via de mail/telefonisch.

Potential market

If you like independent entrepreneurs get started, it is important that you become active in a market with potential. A growth market, where you not only today but in five or fifteen years can earn a good income. Herbalife is in a growth market par excellence and the products that actually has a solution. You've provided a comprehensive and balanced range of products to your clients achieve their goals. If you work with us of course you all the information about these successful products, the proven effectiveness and scientific basis. You will be trained and supported. Do you now get more information, please contact Energetic Living. We like to tell you more about your chances and success with Herbalife.

Herbalife is active worldwide in over 75 countries and has existed since 1980. There are more than 60 million users of the products. Herbalife is listed on the NYSE (HLF code). Herbalife sales in 2009 was USD 3.9 Billion and 4.3 Billion USD in 2010.

Even Messi LOVES  our products

The balanced nutrition and performance supplements where you go to get started, offer a solution for anyone who energy balance in their household. Not just for people who want to lose weight, but also for busy people who do not know or forget a healthy way to live.
And did you know that many elite athletes rely on our products for years? Even the world's best soccer player Lionel Messi used Herbalife products in order to perform at top level.

Herbalife CEO Michael O. Johnson is partly responsible for global branding (announcement) of Disney, Nickelodeon and MTV. His ambition is to make the Herbalife logo worldwide just as famous as the logo Mickey Mouse.
Wall Street Journal: 'Why Now Is Prime Time for Direct Selling'

- Herbalife Rank #5 - Best Direct Sales Company in the World
- Herbalife Rank #1 - Nutrition Company in the World

Sociale verantwoordelijkheid
Herbalife Family Foundation

Created in 1994 by Herbalife Founder Mark Hughes, Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) creates partnerships with charities to help meet the nutritional needs of children at risk. At the same time, HFF is there to provide funds to organizations assisting victims of natural disasters. HFF is a global non-profit organization working in communities around the world.
Herbalife Family Foundation: Casa Herbalife in the world.
The Herbalife Family Foundation is expanding its Casa Herbalife project. The purpose of the project is to provide children with healthy nutrition. On this moment there are over
60 Casa Herbalife projects spread across the globe:

• "Casa Herbalife", the first HFF orphanage which has lead to the name of the project in 1994, Brazil
• "A Place Called Home", South Central Los Angeles, USA
• "Atlanta Children's Shelter", Atlanta, USA
• "Associaçao Case Da Criança De Santos", Brazil
• "Aga Children's Home", Budapest, Hungary
• "NAIM Corporation in Santiago", Chili
• "Rumah Bakti Hulu Kelang (RBHK)", Malaysia
• "Resto van Harte (Kinderresto project)", Holland

Herbalife specialises in nutrition programs and nutritional supplements. Science fully supports our philosophy and products. In the area of weight management, sports nutrition and personal care Herbalife is one of the world's most successful leaders.

Making sure that the quality of the end product comply to the highest standards, means that Herbalife checks the whole production process from seed to end product and even after that.

You can check the film 'From Seed to Feed Concept' to get more information.

From Seed to Feed Concept
The  launch of a Casa Herbalife nutrition program in Vietnam in July 2011 is one more example of the ongoing momentum and a promise for many more good programs in the future. HFF has given a grant to the Hoa Binh Humanitarian Center, a charity organization operated under the Red Cross in Vietnam, to improve nutrition for children.

Official HFF website

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